UnArmed Security GuaRDS


Iguards International Unarmed Security Officers observe and provide protection to our clients when the level of protection on the scale is from low to mid-level. Unarmed officers are equipped with duty belts, flashlights, handcuffs, and they possess communication skills, represent a physical presence, and hold an eminent profile. IGI unarmed guards serve as a first line of defense before police arrive and is meant to avoid any catastrophes and offer security services to Schools, hospitals, public venues, and companies to keep them secure.

IGI unarmed security professionals are accustomed to protecting your company and property from fire, theft, intrusion, and other unlawful acts that disturb the day-to-day operations and with the highly trained professionals being positioned to maintain access control, work as agents for loss prevention, and carry out event control, every day will be safer and secure. The responsibilities of unarmed IGI security guards include crime prevention, surveillance video monitoring, detecting suspicious activities, and reporting to Project Managers and Law Enforcement, if required.

Below is a list of businesses and facilities that IGuards Security provides courtesy patrol security for:

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