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Iguards International is a leading provider of security services in California. We offer cost competitive security solutions that go beyond reducing risk exposure to add more value to businesses. This makes us one of the best value-for-money security services providers statewide. We conform to the highest standards of practice; the core practices and principles applied to our business, ensure that all services rendered are high in quality, reliability and professionalism and are delivered with safety at the forefront of importance.

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IGI Security is a private security service providing company. We are highly skilled and professional security guard service providers for residential and commercial purposes. We offer all-encompassing security guard services, from unarmed guards to armed guards to personal protection. We don’t just serve as an individual security guard but we hire professional security specialists who are well-known about each security detail that we offer. Our team of highly skilled guards are licensed, educated, and have a huge experience that brings positive results to our clients. Are you looking for the best security services providers in USA? Look no further! Contact us today for a free consultation. Check out our service page to know more about the services we offer.

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